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About Right Winger

There is no shortage of conservatively or libertarian blogs or websites in existence, but there is a shortage of research and well-articulated arguments. The mantra of this site is a quote that is known in all conservative circles, and while talk is cheap, this site seeks to reinforce the idea.

While it didn’t occur overnight, all three branches of government have engaged in overriding the will sought by the Founding Fathers at the time they wrote the Constitution. Ironically, the Constitution is a fairly small document, and while the language is archaic due to the parlance used at the time, the meaning behind the words hasn’t changed. The courts may interpret that language in different ways as situations arise, but in the end, their job is to apply statutes and the language of the Constitution as it was written.
Many argue that if we tried to go back to government the way the Founders envisioned that decades of progress would be undone.

The Founders did not design the Constitution to be a restriction on the people, but rather a restriction of the government. The first eight amendments would tell the government which rights are so sacred to a republic that infringement would require extreme justification. The ninth amendment, while articulating that our rights are not limited by a piece of paper, were not meant to be a catch-all in the conferring of rights. The tenth amendment delegates anything not authorized to Congress, to the states, since the federal government wasn’t designed to address every little thing.

This site’s purpose is a combination of constructive conservative commentary, and providing readers some research into bigger issues than what’s on the surface. Readers may be surprised to discover that the legislature had no real authorization to pass that bill, or that the courts were wrong in their ruling. Just because an agency is empowered to provide a service, doesn’t mean it should. The legal system was not meant to be an iron fist, but rather a means to seek relief from a substantial injury.

The Founding Fathers knew what they were doing when they wrote the Constitution, and it was not a document designed to cover all bases. The separation of powers wasn’t an accident, and it has kept our republic alive for over two hundred years. The Founders wrote in a mechanism to amend the Constitution as the people deemed necessary, going as far as to provide two mechanisms in case the primary means failed or proved inadequate. While that process is arduous as evidenced by the existence of only twenty-seven amendments since ratification, it was not a tool that was meant to be used lightly.

On a finale note: Carry a pocket Constitution with you at all times. Engage your fellow citizens in debate and civil discourse. Challenge each other’s ideas, but refrain from personally attacking those with whom you disagree. The free exchange of ideas is how we all learn.